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advice sb (not) to do sth 创议某人(别)做某事
advise doing sth 创议某事
give sb some advice 给某人一些创议
ask for adcice 征求意见
take\follow one’s advice 顺从;领受某人的意见
agree on 达成共识;就~获取一致意见
agree to 赞同(后面接plan、request、suggestion、proposal等
agree with sb\sb’s idea\what sb say 赞同某人的意见
agree to do sth 赞同做某事
first of all 首先
at all 大约;究竟
not ~ at all 大约不~
all along 自始自终
in all 总共
above all 首先;最主要的是
after all 终归;别忘了
for all 尽管
all at once 陡然
once and for all 最后顺次
all by oneself 单独
all over 遍地;完结
all but 近乎;差不多
all out 鼓足干劲
all over again 重新再来;再来顺次
all over the world\the country 遍及全世界\全国
all right 不错;身体好;好的
all kinds of 形形色色的
all the same 依旧
all the time = all the way 一直
all day\night 整天\夜
all around 遍地;遍地;在~周围
all of~ 所有的~
all one’s life 一生;一辈子
add~to~ 把~加到~上
add to 填充;填充
add up 加起来
add up to 总计;共达~
ask for sb 要求见某人
ask for sth 哀求;要~
ask sb for sth 向某人要~
ask sb (not) to do sth 叫某人(别)做某事
ask for trouble 自找繁琐
ask after 问候
ask sb for help 向某人求援
ask for leave 告假
ask sb to~ 邀请某人去~
ask (sb) about~ ( 向某人)询问~
as if = as though 好像
as~as~ 像;好像
as to = as for 至于
as well 也;又
as well as~ 也;和
not as\so~as~ 不像;不如
(be) ahead of 在~前面;比~早;胜过;超越
ahead of time 提前
go ahead 向前;有进展;说下去
be anxious about sb\sth 为~而担心
be anxious for sth 渴盼获取~
be anxious to do sth 渴盼做某事
break into~ 闯入;破门而入
break in 插话;打断言语
break up 分解
break out 爆发;陡然缔造
break away (from sth) 解脱;打破
break down 出缺陷;不运转;抛锚
break the record 打破记述
break off 打断;折断
break the rude 违抗规定
break through 打破
break a promise 背信;背信
have a break 歇息一下
hold one’s breath 屏住呼吸
take breath 歇一歇;喘口气
take a (deep) breath (深)呼吸
catch one’s breath 歇口气;歇息一下
(be) out of breath 上气不接下气
bring down 使~倒下\降下
bring out 使表露;说明;出版
bring up 带大;栽培;呕吐
bring to = bring ~ around 使恢复知觉
bring back 退还;使回忆起来
bring in 引进
bring on 使~向前
put one’s back into ~ 埋头工作;卖劲干
when someone’s back is turned 趁某人没留神
back away 退出
back out 摈弃;收回;停止
back and forth 往返;往返
at the back of~ 在~后部\背地
back down\off 摈弃;撤退;撤退
burn up 烧尽;耗尽
burn out 烧坏
burn down 销毁
burn ~ to the ground 把~烧成平地
better off 状况较好
had better 优良还是
for the better 转机
come ture 达到
come to bits 摔碎;碎裂
come to a conclusion 得出结论
come into being 构成;揭示
come off 脱落;掉下
come on 降临;加油;跟上
come back 归来;折回;想起来
come in\into 进来
come for sth 来取~
come up 上来
come across 偶尔遇见
come through 经验;达到
come to 复苏;抵达;共计;复苏;等于
come around\round 来访;复苏;恢复
come over 降临
come about 缔造
come apart (身体、精力上)解体
come from 来自(于);出生(于)
come to nothing 失败;无后果
to come 未来的;未降临的
come down 下来
come to light 揭示;揭露
come out 出版;出来;开花
care for 在意;酷爱
take care 端庄
care about 在意;关注
care to do sth 愿意做某事
take care of~ 照看;保管
with care 细密地;细密地
call at + 地点 拜会某地
call on + 人 拜会某人
call up 打电话给~;招呼;想起;回忆起;应征
call for 要求;哀求;为~而喊出
call in 请来;引入;召集;叫医生
call back 回电话
call off\away 转移开(留神力等)
call on\upon sb to do sth 号令某人做某事
give sb a call 打电话给某人
call off 撤销;摈弃
call out 厉声呐喊
be certain of\abou 对~有把握
be certain to do 有把握做某事
It’s certain that~ 必须会~
make certain 弄明白
a certain ~ 某个~
take one’s chance 应用机遇
by chance 偶尔
take a\the chance 碰运气
chance to do sth 巧合做某事
charge sb some money for sth 向某人要价多少钱
(be) free of charge 免费
in charge of 尽职
in the charge of 被尽职
take charge of 尽职~
put sth in one’s charge 把~交给某人尽职
put the charge on ~ 把~(开支)记在~的账上
by day 日间;白天里
day after day 日复一日地
day and night 日日夜夜
one day 有一天;某日
the day after tomorrow 后天
the day before yesterday 前天
the other day 前几天
another day 改天
day in\out 天天
die by 死于(溺水、上吊等)
die from 死于(外因: 灾荒、措伤、事端等,也可接疾病名)
die of 死于(内因: 冰冷、饥饿、感情等,也可接疾病名)
die out 幻灭;灭亡
die for 为~而死
die away 逐渐消失;平定
have difficulty (in) doing sth 做某事有困难
have difficulty with sth 做某事有困难
without difficulty 毫不费力地
with difficulty 费力地;困难地
do sth with\without difficulty 做某事有\无困难
in difficulties 处境困难
in doubt 可疑
without doubt 毫无疑问
beyond doubt 毫无疑问
hang a doubt 悬而未决
no doubt 无疑问
dress up 给~穿上优良的衣服;给~乔装打扮
get dressed 穿衣
be dressed in + 衣 穿~
be well dressed 穿着讲究
dress sb 给~穿衣
dress oneself 自己穿衣服
at the end of 在~的终点
to the end of 到~的终点
by the end of 在~完结时;到~末为止
end up (with sth) (以~完结;完结)
in the end 最后;终于
make both ends meet 收支均匀
put an end to sth 完结~
at an end 完结;完结
come to an end 停止;完结
make efforts\an effort to do sth 努力做~
spare no effort 竭尽全力
in a common effort 共同努力
make one’s escape 窜逃;解脱;躲避
escape from sth 从~逃脱
escape doing sth 逃脱做~
have a narrow escape 九死一生
escape one’s lips 冲口而出
escape one’s memory 忘怀
for example 示例说明;例如
set an example to sb = set sb an example 为~而创建标兵
follow one’s example 学习某人的标兵
one example of ~ 一个~的例子
take ~ for example 以~为例
ever since 未来一直
ever so 极端
ever such a\an ~ 一个极端~的
for ever 持久
ever than 开天辟地的
even though = even if 即使;纵然
be even (报复、算帐等)两清
get even 报复;算帐
catch one’s eye 引人注目
cry one’s eyes out 声泪俱下
in someone’s eyes 在某人眼里;在某人心目中
keep an eye on 照看;亲密关注
see eye to eye 与~见解符合
set eyes on 看到;见到
turn a blind eye to 装做没目睹
have an effect on 对~有波及
in effect 的确
put into effect 厉行;见效
be free to do sth 自由轻松做某事
be free of charge 免费
free and easy 自由疏散
set (sb) free 开释
be free from\of ~ 免受~;无~
be free to ~ 对~免费供给
free from 不曾;解脱
free with 大方的;不小气的
for free 免费
in one’s free time 在某人的闲暇日期
Free on board (FOB) 离岸价
give in 投诚;撤退;投诚
give lessons to 给~上课
give off 宣告(蒸汽、光等)
give out 分发;用完;耗尽;身心交瘁;宣告(气息、日等)
give up (doing) 摈弃
be good at 擅长于
be good for sb 对某人有实惠
be good to sb 对某人好
a good many 许多
do good 做好事
for good 永远地
hand in 缴交
hand out 分发
hand sth to sb 把某物递送给某人
hand over 移交
hand down 把~传下来
hand in hand 手牵手;并进;团结
hand to hand 短兵相接
shake one’s hand = shake hands with sb 与某人握手
give sb a big hand 救助某人
by hand 手工;用手
from hand to hand 从一人手中传到某人手中
in hand 手头上有
in one’s hand 在某人手里
on the one hand ,on the other hand 一方面~,另一方面~
at hand = on hand 在手边;逼近;在邻近;即刻降临
change hands 易手;转手
get out of hand 难以克制;撒野
hand on 传下来;顺次递送
hand up 举手
give\have one’s hands full 很忙;手头工作满满的
in good hands 照看得好
lay hands on 获取;找到
off one’s hand 不再尽职;脱手
wait on someone hand and foot 尽心服侍
hang one’s head (由于惭愧)垂下头
go to one’s head = turn one’s head 冲昏头脑;使人过于亢奋
keep one’s head 保持沉稳
lose one’s head 感情激动;错过理智;惘然失措
put heads together 商榷;交流见解
use one’s head 动头脑
(be) head for 向~走去
head on 迎头
learn\know ~ by heart 记住~
at heart 在内心;性质上
lose heart (to sb) (对~)错过决计;欢笑
lose one’s heart to sb 爱上~
heart and soul 潜心全意
break one’s heart 使某人伤心
cry one’s heart out 大哭
have a change of heart 变换见解
have one’s heart in one’s mouth 极端惊诧;胆寒
have one’s heart set on 热衷与
take heart to do sth 鼓起勇气做某事
with s heavy heart 心境繁重
help out 救助胜利困难;救助从~里面出来
help sb with sth 救助某人做某事
help sb (to) do sth 救助某人做某事
help oneself to 任性吃、喝等:自取
invite sb to do sth 邀请某人做某事
invite sb to + 地 邀请某人去~
be interested in ~ 对~有兴致
a place of interest 名胜
take an interest in ~ 关注;对~有兴致
have an interest in ~ 在~上有兴致
be in for sth 即刻经受(由指不愉快的事)
in and out 进进出出
have it in for 挟嫌;报复;整人
if only 但愿;要是~就好了;只要
join up 联结起来
join in 插手
join sb in (doing) sth 和某人同时
join the army 入伍
join ~ to ~ 把~联结到~上
odd jobs 零活;杂务
be out of a job 失业
make a good job of sth 把某事做好
a good job 幸运事
play a joke on sb 开某人的玩笑
joke with sb about sth 就~与某人开玩笑
have a joke with sb about sth 就~与某人开玩笑
in joke 闹着玩的
tell a joke 讲个耻笑
It’s a joke 说着玩的
no joke 不是闹着玩的
make jokes\a joke about sb\sth 开某人\某事的玩笑
a pratical joke 恶作剧
the just man 正派的人
keep on doing sth 继续做某事;重复做某事
keep doing sth 继续不停地做某事
keep back 禁止;流下
keep fit 保持康健
keep off 让开;不逼近
keep ~ in mind 记住;想着
keep ~ out (of) ~ 不让~进去;使~在外
keep up with 跟上
keep up 保持;续
keep one’s promise 遵行诺言
kep in touch with sb 与某人保持关系
keep ~ away from 使~远离
keep sb from doing sth 禁止某人做某事
keep at 保持做
keep down 克制;克制;放低(声响)
for keeps 持久
keep sb at sth 使某人继续做某事
keep sb in 留下;把(学生)关学
keep sth to oneself 保密
keep up with 跟上
knock at\on 敲(门、窗)
knock down 撞倒
knock into sb 撞到某人身上
knock out of 从~中敲出来
knock sb about 连接报复;粗暴看待
knock off 下班;收工
knock sb out 把某人打昏先前
know sb to be 获悉某人是~
know of 获悉(间接)
be known for 因~而知名
be known of 为~而熟悉
make oneself known (to sb) 自我举荐
look at 看;察看
look after 照看;照看
look around\round 遍地看看
look back 回头看;回忆
look down on\upon 看不起;轻蔑
look for 寻找
look forward to (doing) 巴望(做)
look on sb as~ 把某人当作~看待
look out (for sth) 端庄;端庄
look over 审阅;考验
look through 翻阅;浏览
look up 查询;向上看
look sb up and down 上下端量某人
take\have a look (at) 看一看
long ago 久久先前
long before 久久
before long 不久
no longer = not ~ any longer 不再
as long as 假使;只要
long after 在~后久久
long for 极想获取
long to 极想做
be made of 由~制成(成品可见原资料)
be made in 在~制造的
be made from 由~制成(成品不可见原资料)
be made into 被制成~
make use of 应用
make fun of 耻笑
make up one’s mind (to do sth) 下决计(做某事)
make a plan for 为~做计划
make out 弄明白
make it 胜利
make sure = make certain 弄的确
make one’s way to (困难)行进
make do with 凑合着用
make for 走向;向~向前
make off 窜逃;匆匆离开
make up 捏造;捏造;谐和;和解;打扮;打扮
take measures to do sth 采纳窍门做某事
make ~ to one’s own measure 依照某人的尺寸做~
measure sth against sb 用~去比身材
measure sb for sth 量体裁衣
next door (to) 在隔壁
next year 明年
the next year 第二年
next to nothing 极少;近乎不曾
next to 在~的旁边
call someone names 谩骂;骂人
make a name for oneself 成名
in (good) order 按(准确的)次序
(be) out of order 出了缺陷;缔造事端
keep order 保持次序
in order to\that 为了;以便
on order 已经定购的
place an order for sth with sb 向某人定购某物
order sb to do sth 号令某人做某事
get one’s own back on 报仇;报复
of one’s own 属于某人自己的
on one’s own 单独地
own up to 确认差错;坦白
pay a visist to 拜会~
pay back 偿还(借款等)
pay for sth 付钱;支付;交出代价
pay off 还清(债务)
pay the bill 付帐
pay down 事先支付
put away 放好;把~收起来
put up 挂起;举起;;投宿;料理在~住下
put on 穿;戴上;上演
put off 拖延;推后;逾期
put into 输入;使进去
put down 记下;平定;把~记下来
put sth down 把某物放下来
put down your hands 把手放下
put out 扑灭;关熄
put across 交流
put side 放在一边;留下
put sth right 检修;扭转
put up with 忍耐;忍耐
quarrel with sb about sth 与某人为某事而辩论
have a quarrel with sb over sth 与某人为某事而辩论
put a question\questions to sb 向某人提问
(be) in question 谈论中的
(be) out of question 不或许的;办不到的
remember to do sth 记住要去做某事
remember doing sth 记住已经做过某事
remember A to B 替A向B问好
remember sth as ~ 把某物作为~来铭记
run dry 枯竭
run across = run into 偶尔遇见
run after 追捕;盯梢
run away with sb\sth 带人私奔\携物窜逃
run sb down 把某人撞倒
run over (车辆等)辗转
in the long run 最后;后果;终归
run out (of) 用完;耗尽
run wild 胡闹;撒野
run off 赶走
run for 竞选
run in 拜会
run at 陡然进攻
run into 跑进;撞倒
set up 缔造;创建;竖立
set sail 启航
set out for ~ 上路到~
set off for ~ 上路到~
a set of 一套
be set in~ 以~为背景
set the table 摆餐具
set about doing sth 入手做某事
set a bone 接骨
serve (sb) as sth 充当~
serve sb with sth 端上饭菜
be at one’s service 随时救助某人
service first 效力第一
Servive the People 效力人民
serve the army 在人马入伍
take care 端庄
take care of ~ 照看~
take up 占据
take in 吸收
take sth out of ~ 把某物从~中取出
take off 脱掉;起飞
take it easy 端庄
take along 随身携带
take one’s time 慢慢来
take away 拿走
take trouble to do sth 不辞辛苦做某事
take down\out 记下;取下;取出
take food\medicine 吃食物\药
take sides (in) 站在~一边
take sb back to 使某人回忆起
take sth as one’s own 把~占为己有
take afte (相貌)像
take sth apart 拆除
take sth for 错觉得;觉得
take sth on 领受;应承
take sth over 接手:接管
take to sth 初步;染上;委身于
take to someone 初步爱上某人
take a road\path 走路
from time to time 偶尔;常常
time and time again 多次;不停地
at a time 顺次;每次
at one time 先前;已经
for the time being 暂时
in time 即时
on time 准时
in no time 即刻
in good time 即时
tell the time 会看钟表
kill time 消磨日期
at the same time 同时
have a good time 完得很愉快;过得愉快
at times 有时
in modern times 现代;近代
in course of time 最后
serve the time 人云亦云
keep time (钟表)走得准
go out of use 抛弃;不再被应用
have the use of 有权应用
(be) of no use 没用;无效
use up 用完;耗尽
It is no use doing sth 做某事不曾用
be used to do sth 被用来做某事
be used for sth 被用于~
be\get used to doing sth 习性做某事
used to do sth 先前总是做某事
be used as ~ 被当作~来应用
do up 扣(纽扣);收拾;打扮
up and down 上上下下
come into view 望得见;进去视野
in view 在看得见的地方
on view 展览着; 上映中
in view of 鉴于;斟酌到;由于
in one’s view 就某人的见解
at the top of one’s voice 高声地(呐喊);使劲地(呐喊)
in a low voice 低声地
get in a word 插话
have a word with sb 和某人说句话
have words with sb 与某人缔造口角
in a word 归根结底
in another word = in other words 换句话说
keep one’s word = be as good as one’s word =be ture to one’s word 信守诺言
will not hear a word against 不允许某人说某人(某事)的坏话
take someone at his word 信任某人的话;听信某人
in the way 挡道
in a (big\small) way (大\小)规模
on the way 在半道上
on one’s way to 往~去的路上
by the way 顺便说
way of life 生活形式
feel one’s way 谋求着向前
find one’s way 念头抵达
force one’s way in 破门而入;闯入
give way 投诚;撤退;趴架;趴架;让道;让开
go a long way 大有作用
a good way 很远;颇有一段路
lead\show the way to 引路;引路
lose one’s way 迷路;迷失
the wrong way round 方向不对地
in the way of 以~办法
at work 在工作
(be)out of work 失业
work hard at 努力学习
work out 算出;处理
get to work 初步工作
good\ill will 好心\恶意
of one’s own free will 出于愿意;心愿意意
all the year round 一年到头
year in year out 年复一年;一直不停地
year by year 一年又一年
year after year 年复一年
in one’s youth 在某人青年时代
Laziness in youth spells regret in old age. 少壮不必功,老大徒伤悲.




A)动词+ 介词
agree with赞同 的意见(念头);符合
base on以 (为)根据
listen to听
get to抵达
fall off (从 )掉下
help with 救助(某人)做(某事)
knock at /on敲(门、窗)
laugh at耻笑
learn from 向 学习
live on继续存在;靠 生活
look after照看,照看
look at看;察看
look for寻找
look like看起来像
pay for (sth.)付钱;支付
point at指示;指向
point to指向
prefer to 宁肯(抉择);更酷爱
quarrel with (和某人)吵架
regard as 把 当作 ;当作
stop from禁止 做
talk about言语;谈话;谈论
talk with与 谈话
think about斟酌
think of觉得;想起

B)动词+ 副词
ask for哀求;询问
carry on保持下去;继续下去
cut down砍倒
clean up澄清;收拾干净
come down下来;落
come along来;陪伴
come in进来
come on来吧;跟着来;连忙
come out出来;揭示;(花)开;发(芽)
come over降临;顺便来访
drop off放下(某物);下车
eat up吃光;吃完
fall behind落在 后面;输给旁人
fall down跌倒;从 落下
find out查出(原形)
get back归来;取回
get down下来;落下;把 取下来
get off下来;从 下来
get on上(车)
get up起床
give up摈弃
go on继续
go out出去
go over过一遍;细密考验
grow up长大;成长
hand in交上来
hold on (口语)等一等; (打电话时)不挂断
hurry up连忙
look out端庄;留神
look over (细密)考验
look up向上看;抬头看
pass on递送;转移到
pick up拾起;捡起
put away放好;把 收起来
put on穿上;戴上;(戏剧等)上演;放(唱片等)
put down把(某物)放下来
put up挂起;举起
run away散失;窜逃;窜逃
rush out冲出去
set off上路;上路;上路
send up发射;把 往上送
shut down把 关上
sit down坐下
slow down减弱;减速
take off脱掉(衣服)
take out取出
throw about乱丢;抛撒
trip over (被 )绊倒
try on试穿(衣服、鞋等);试戴(帽子等)
try out试探;试探
turn down关小;调低
turn on敞开(电灯、收音机、煤气、自来水等)
turn off关(电灯、收音机、煤气、自来水等)
turn over (使)翻降临
wake up醒来
wear out把 穿旧;磨坏
work out算出;制订出
write down写下

C) be + 形容词+ 介词
be angry with对(某人)发脾气
be interested in对 感兴致
be able to能;会
be afraid of胆寒
be amazed at对 感到惊诧
be excited about对 感到亢奋
be filled with用 充满
be full of充满 的
be good at (= do well in ) 在 方面做得好;擅长
be late for延迟
be made in在 出产或制造
be made of由 构成;由 构成
be pleased with对 感到合意
be proud of以 高傲(愉快)
be used for用于

D)动词+ 名词/ 代词
beg one\'s pardon请原谅;对不起
do morning exercises做早操
do one\'s homework做作业
enjoy oneself (= have a good time) 过得快乐;玩得愉快
give a concert开音乐会
go boating去划船
go fishing去钓鱼
go hiking去步行旅游
go skating去滑冰
go shopping (去)买东西
have a cold (患)感冒
have a cough (患)咳嗽
have a headache (患)头痛
have a try试探;努力
have a look看一看
have a rest歇息
have a seat (= take a seat ) 就坐;坐下
have sports 进行体育活动
have supper吃晚餐
hear of听说
hold a sports meeting进行活动会
make a decision作出定夺
make a mistake犯差错
make a noise闹腾
make faces做鬼脸
make friends交好友
make money赚钱
take one\'s place坐某人的座位;轮换某人的职务
teach oneself (=learn by oneself ) 自学
take photos照相
take time消费(日期)
take turns轮番
watch TV看电视

E)动词+ 名词/ 代词/ 副词+ 介词
catch up with赶上
come up with找到;提出(答案、处理窍门等)
get on well with与 相处融融
give birth to生(孩子)
help yourself / yourselves to自取;任性吃
make room for给 腾出地方
play a joke on戏弄人;对人恶作剧
speak highly of称赞
say good bye to辞别;辞别
take an active part in主动插手
take care of照看;照看;留神

be awake醒着的
be born出生
be busy doing忙着做
come true达到
do one\'s best尽最大努力
fall asleep睡觉;入梦
go home回家
go on doing (sth.)继续做某事;努力
get married结婚
get together团聚
go straight along 沿着 一直往前走
had better (do)优良(做 )
keep doing sth.一直做某事
make sure确保;确认;查明
make up one\'s mind下决计


介词 + 名词形式 `
by accident 偶尔
on account of 因为,由于
in addition 此外
in addition to 除 …… 之外
in the air 在风行中,在流传中
on (the/an) average 均匀,平凡来说
on the basis of 根据,在 …… 的根基上
at (the) best 充其量,至多
for the better 转机,改进
on board 在船 ( 车、飞机 ) 上
out of breath 喘不过气来
on business 因公,因事
in any case 无论如何,总之
in case of 假使,假使
in case 假使,以防 ( 假使 ) 省得
in no case 决不
by chance 偶尔,巧合
in charge (of) 尽职,主管
(a) round the clock 日夜不停地
in common 共用,共同,共同
in conclusion 最后,总之
on condition that 在 …… 条件下
in confidence 信任
in connection with/to 关于
in consequence 所以,后果
in consequence of 由于 …… 的起因
on the contrary 反之,正相反
in contrast with/to 与 …… 成比较
out of control 错过克制
under control 被克制住
at all costs 不惜任何代价
at the cost of 以 …… 为代价

in the course of 在 …… 过程中,在 …… 其间
of course 当然,大方,无疑
in danger 在风险中,垂死
out of danger 解脱风险
out of date 过期 ( 时 ) 的
up to date 时新的
in debt 欠债
in detail 透彻地
in difficulties 处境困难
in the distance 在远处
off duty 下班
on duty 值班,上班
on earth 究竟,究竟
at all events 无论如何
in any event 无论如何
in effect 管用;的确上
in the event of 假使,假使缔造
for example 例如
with the exception of 除 …… 之外
in the face of 面临,不顾,即使
in fact 其实,的确上
on fire 烧着
on foot 步行
in force 管用;施行中
in favo(u)r of 有利于,赞同,声援 in front of 在 …… 面前
in (the) future 未来,未来
on guard 警戒,守备
in general 日常,大约上
in half 成两半
at hand 在手边,在邻近
from tip to toe 彻头彻尾,彻底
by hand 用手 hand down to 往下传,传给 ( 后嗣 )
hand in hand 手拉手,携手
in hand 在把握中,在克制中
on hand 在手边,逼近
on (the) one hand 一方面 …… ,
on the other hand 另一方面 ……
at heart 在内心;性质上
by heart 铭记,凭记忆
at home 在家,在国内;轻松,自如
in honor of 以纪念,向 …… 表示敬意
on one's honor 以名誉担保
in a hurry 匆匆地,即刻
for instance 例如,示例说
at intervals 不停,随时
at last 最后,终于
at least 至少,至少界限
in the least 一点,丝毫
at length 终于,最后;透彻地
in the light of 依照,根据
in line 成一直线,排成一行
in line with 与 …… 一致,依照
at a loss 可疑,惘然失措
as a matter of fact 其实,原形上
by all means 无论如何,必须 by means of 根据于,用
by no means 决不
in memory of 纪念
at the mercy of 在 …… 摆布下
by mistake 差错地
at the moment 当前,当前
for a moment 刹那,一会儿
for the moment 当前,暂时
in a moment 立即,即刻
in nature 本色上 on occasion 有时,不停
in order 次序井然,整齐
in group to 以便,为了
in group that 以便
out of order 缔造故障,失调
on one's own 单独地,独立地
in particular 奇特地,奇特,透彻地
in the past 在先前,先前
in person 亲身
in place 在稳妥的位置
in place of 轮换
in the first place 最初,首先
in the last place 最后
out of place 不得其所的,不稳妥的
on the point 即刻 …… 的时候
to the point 切中时弊,切题
in practice 在的确中,的确上
out of practice 久不练习,陌生
at present 当前,当前
for the present 当前,暂时
in proportion to( 与 ……) 成比例的
in public 宣告地,当众
for (the) purpose of 为了
on purpose 蓄意,故意
with the purpose of 为了
in question 正在斟酌
at random 任性地,随意地
at any rate 无论如何,至少
by reason of 由于
as regards 关于,至于
with/in regard to 对于,就 …… 而论
in/with relation to 关系到
with respect to 关于
as a result 后果,所以
as a result of 由于 …… 的后果
in return 作为报答,作为报答
on the road 在旅程中
as a rule 法度,法度;日常,照旧
in the long run 最后,从持久见解看
for the sake of 为了 …… 起见
on sale 出售;贱卖
on a large scale 大规模地
on a small scale 小规模地
in secret 机密地,私下地
in a sense 从某种含义上说
in shape 处于优良态势
on the side 作为兼职,特别
at first sight 乍一看,初看起来
in sight 被看到,在望
out of sight 看不见,在视野之外
in spite of 不管,不顾;尽管,诚然
on the spot 当场,在现场
in step 同步,合拍
out of step 步调不一致,不谐和
in stock 现有,备有
in sum 归根结底
in tears 流着泪,含泪,哭
in terms of 根据,依照;用 …… 措词
for one thing 首先,一则
on the second thoughts 经重新斟酌,一转念
at a time 每次,顺次
at no time 从不,决不
at one time 同时,已经,先前曾
at the same time 可是,可是
at times 有时
for the time being 当前,暂时
from time to time 有时,不停
in no time 即刻,即刻
in time 即时,适时地
on time 准时
on top of 在 …… 之上
out of touch 错过关系
in truth 原形上,的确上,的确
on try 试穿
by turns 轮番,交替地
in turn 顺次,轮番
in vain 徒然,无效
a variety of 种种,各种
by virtue of 由于
by the way 顺便提一下,此外
by way of 经由,穿越 …… 形式
in a way 在某点,在某种程度上
in no way 决不
in the way of 阻碍
in one's/the way 阻碍,阻碍
after a while 过了一会,不久
for a while 暂时,一时
on the whole 总的来说
in a word 归根结底
in other words 换句话说,也即使说
at work 在工作,忙于
out of work 失业
in the world 究竟,究竟
动词 + 名词形式
have/gain access to 能够获取
take into account 斟酌
gain/have an advantage over 胜过,优于
pay the way for 为 …… 铺平道路
take advantage of 应用,趁 …… 之机
pay attention to 留神
do/try one's best 努力,努力
get the best of 胜过
make the best of 充分应用,稳妥料理
get the better of 溃败,致胜
catch one's breath 屏息,歇口气
take care 端庄,端庄
take care of 照看,照看
take a chance 冒险一试
take charge of 担当,尽职
keep company with 与 …… 往来,与 ……
take delight in 以 …… 为乐
with delight 欣幸,愿意地
make a/the difference 有波及,很主要
carry/bring into effect 使见效,使起作用
put into effect 厉行,见效
come/go into effect 见效,施行
take effect 见效,起作用
catch one's eye 引人注目
keep an eye on 经心,照看
make a face 做鬼脸
find fault 怪罪,挑剔
catch fire 着火
come/go into force 见效,施行
make friends 交好友,友好相处
be friends with 对 …… 友好,与 …… 交上好友
make fun of 耻笑,嘲讽
keep one's head 保持沉着
lost one's head 惘然失措

lose heart 错过勇气,错过决计
get/learn by heart 记住,背诵
get hold of 抓住,把握
keep house 管教家务,做家务
throw/cast light on 使明白,说明
bear/keep in mind 记住
have in mind 记住,斟酌到,想到
make up one's mind 下决计
come/go into operation 使投身出产,使运转
put in order 收拾,检修
keep/hold pace with 跟上,与 …… 同步
play a part 起作用
take place 缔造,进行
take the place of 轮换
come to the point 说到重点,简明地说
bring/carry into practice 施行,厉行
make progress 长进,进展
give rise to 引起,使缔造
make sense 讲得通,有含义
catch the sight of 发觉,陡然目睹
(go) on the stage 当演员
take one's time 不急不忙,安详进行
keep in touch 保持关系
keep track 熟悉局势,留神趋势
lose track 错过关系
make use of 应用
put to use 应用,应用
give way 让道,撤退
lead the way 引路,引路
make one's way 向前,进行
make way 让道,开路
keep one's word 遵守诺言
act on 作用
appeal to 召唤,要求
attempt at 图谋,努力
attitude to/towards 态度,见解
a great/good deal of 大量 ( 的 ) ,好多 ( 的 )
influence on 波及
interference in 插手
interference with 阻碍,打扰
introduce to 举荐
a lot (of) 好多 ( 的 ) ,大量 ( 的 )
lots of 大量,许多
fall in love with 相爱,爱上
a matter of( 关于 ……) 的问题
a number of 若干,好多
reply to 答对,答对
a series of 一系列,一连串
trolley bus 电车
I. D. card 身份证
credit card 信誉卡
no doubt 无疑,必须
next door 隔壁
out of doors 在户外
face to face 面迎面地
as matter of fact 切原形况,原形
a few 有些,几个
quite a few 还不少,有相当数目的
a little 一点,稍微,一些,半点
little by little 逐渐地
quite a little 相当多,不少
no matter 无论
the moment (that) 一 …… 就
no more 不再
fair play 公正竞赛;公正看待
in demand 有必要,销路好
rest room 厕所,盥洗室
primary school 小学
side by side 肩并肩,一个挨一个
heart and soul 潜心全意
step by step 逐渐
ahead of time 提前
all the time 一直,一直
once upon a time 先前
once in a while 偶尔,有时
no wonder 难怪,怪不得
word for word 逐字地
decline with thanks 婉言拒绝
动词 + 介词形式
account for 说明 ( 原因等 )
aim at 瞄准,针对
allow for 斟酌到
appeal to 召唤,要求
arrive at 达成,得出
ask after 询问,问候
ask for 哀求,要求
attach to 从属于,从属于
begin with 从初步
break into 闯入
break off 隔离,完结
break through 打破
break up 中断,完结;打碎,折断
bring about 带来,构成
bring down 颠覆,挫伤;减低
bring forth 缔造,提上
bring forward 提出
bring out 使揭示;宣告;出版
bring up 教导,栽培,使成长
build up 聚积;梗塞;创建,逐渐缔造;促进;锻炼
call for 邀请;要求;需求
call forth 唤起,引起;振奋起,鼓起
call off 摈弃,撤销
catch at 抓住 ( 东西 )
call on/upon 拜会,拜会;号令,召唤
call up 召集,动员;打电话
care for 保管,关注;酷爱,意欲
carry off 夺去
carry on 继续下去;从事,经营
carry out 厉行,遵行;达到
come to 总计,抵达;复苏,恢复
count on 依靠;期待,巴望
count up 把 …… 相加
cover up 遮蔽,蒙蔽
cut across 走近路,抄近路
deal with 料理,将就,料理
do without 不曾 …… 也行
fill in/out 填充,填写
get at 获取,逼近;意思是
get into 进去,落入
go after 谋求
go into 进去;斟酌,调查
go for 尽力想获取;酷爱;声援,爱戴
go through 经验,经受;透彻考验
go with 陪伴,与 …… 谐和
go without 不曾 …… 也行
improve on 改进
keep to 保持,保持
lie in 在于
live up to 不辜负
live on/by 靠 …… 生活,以 …… 为食
live through 度过,经受过
look after 保管,照看
look at 拜望,凝视
look for 寻找,谋求
look into 调查,观望,插手;窥视
look over 考验,检讨,调查
look through 细密检讨,浏览,温习
make for 走向,驶向;有助于
occur to 被想到,被想起
play with 以 …… 为散心,玩弄
refer to 参考,查阅,关系,提到
run for 竞选
run into 撞上,偶尔遇见
see to 留神,尽职,照看,检修
send for 派人去请,召唤;索要
send in 呈报,传送,送来
serve as 作为,用作
set aside 挑出,拨出,留出;拒绝
sit for 插手
stand by 声援,救助;隔岸观火
stand for 轮换,代表,意味着
stand against 还击,抵挡
stick to 保持,忠于,信守
take after 与 …… 相似
take for 把 …… 觉得是,把 …… 当做是
take in 领受,吸收;探听,明白
take to 酷爱,亲密
touch on 关系到,关系
turn into 变成
turn to 变成;求援于,根据于
turn off 关上;出产;革除
动词 + 副词形式
break down 趴窝,分解,解体
break in 闯入;打断,插话
break out 逃出;陡然缔造,爆发
bring to 使恢复知觉
burn out 烧掉
burn up 烧起来,旺起来;烧完
catch on 明白,明白
check in 料理登记手续
check out 结账后解脱;考验,核查
check up (on) 校对,考验,考验
cheer up 使愉快,使振奋
clear away 删掉,收拾
clear up 收拾;澄清;放晴
make it clear that 弄明白
come off 达到,胜利,见效
come on 请,来吧,快点;初步,出场,上演
come out 出版;揭示,表露;后果是

come round (around) 来访,前来;复苏,恢复
come through 经验,脱险
come up 走近,上来;缔造,被提出
cross out 删去,撤销
cut back 减缩,紧缩
cut down 减缩,减低
cut in( 汽车 ) 抢道;插话,打断
cut off 切断;删去;停止
cut out 删掉
cut short 陡然停止
die down 逐渐幻灭,平定
die out 幻灭,灭亡
draw in( 火车、汽车 ) 到站
draw up 写上,画上;起草;停住
dress up 穿上盛装,打扮得很美丽
drop by/in 顺便来访
dry out 干透,使干
dry up 枯竭,干枯
drop off 减弱,紧缩
drop out 退出,离队
fall behind 落伍
fall out 辩论;后果是
fall through 幻灭,失败
feed in 输入
find out 查明
get across 阐释明白,使人探听
get around/round 走动,旅游; ( 消息 ) 传开
get away 逃脱,解脱
get by 穿越,穿越
get down 从 …… 下来;写下
get in 进去;结果,收罗
get off 从 …… 下来;解脱,上路,初步
get over 胜利; ( 从病中 ) 恢复降临
get through 完结,完结;接通电话
have got to (do) 不得不,必须
get together 集合,集合
get up 起床;填充,加强
give away 揭露;分送
give back 退还,恢复
give in 交上;投诚,投诚
give off 放出,开释
give out 分发,放出
give up 停止,摈弃
go ahead 初步,向前;当先
go by 先前
go down 下跌,减低;被载入,传下去
go off 爆炸,发射;上路,解脱
go out 外出;熄灭
go over 考验,审查;温习,重温
go round/around 足够分发
go under 下沉,淹没;失败;破产
go through 穿越,审查,完结
go up 上升,填充;建起
hand down 流传下来,传给,往下传
hand in 交上,传送
hand on 传下来,顺次递送
hand out 分发,疏散,发给
hand over 交出,移交,让与
hang about 闲逛,徘徊,停留
hang back 徘徊,徘徊,退缩
hang on 加紧不放;继续下去
hang up 挂断 ( 电话 )
have back 要回,收回
have on 穿着,戴着
hold back 徘徊,退缩;禁止,克制
hold on 继续,握住不放
hold out 保持,声援;保持,不投诚
hold up 举起,阻挡,使停止;抢劫
hurry up( 使 ) 连忙,急速完结
keep back 禁止,阻挡;遮蔽,保存
keep down 克制,克制,镇压;压低
keep off 不逼近,避开
keep up 保持,保持;继续,保持
let down 放下,减低;使失望
let in 让 …… 进去,放 …… 进来
let off 放 ( 烟,烟火 ) ,开 ( 枪 )
let out 放掉,放出,宣告
line up 排队,使排成一行
look back 回忆,回头看
look out 端庄,留神,提防,警戒
look on 观望,察看;看待,视作
look up 查阅,查考;寻找 ( 某人 )
look in 顺便拜望
make out 分辨,分辨;明白,探听
make out of 用 …… 做,从 …… 得出
make up 构成,凑合;填充,抵偿;打扮
mix up 等同,混杂,搞含混
pass away 逝世,去世
pass off 中断,停止
pass to 转到,斟酌,传到
pass out 错过知觉,昏倒
pay back 偿还,报答
pay off 还清 ( 债 )
pay down 登时交付,用现金支付
pay up 整套付清
pick out 选出,挑出,拣出;分辨,分辨出
pick up 拾起, ( 偶尔 ) 获取; ( 车船 ) 中途搭 ( 人 ) ,学会
pull down 拆毁,拉倒;拉下,减低
pull in( 车 ) 停下,进站,船 ( 到岸 )
pull off 脱 ( 帽、衣 )
pull on 穿,戴
pull out 拔出,投放; ( 车、船 ) 驶出
pull together 齐心协力
pull up( 使 ) 停下
put across 阐释明白,说明
put aside 贮藏,保存
put away 放好,收好;贮藏
put down 记下,放下;镇压,平定
put forward 提出
put in 驶进
put on 穿上,戴上;上演;填充 ( 体重 )
put out 熄灭,关 ( 灯 ) ;出版,宣告;出产
put right 扭转 ( 差错 ) ,收拾
put up 提起,举起,提 ( 价 ) ;为 …… 供给食宿,投宿
ring off 挂断电话
rub out 擦掉,拭去
run down 撞倒,撞沉;追捕,调查
run off 复印,打印
run over 略读,略述;辗过,浏览,匆匆温习
see off 给 …… 送行
see through 看破,看破;干完,干究竟
set back 推后,拖延,阻碍
set down 卸下,放下,记下,记入
set forth 说明,陈述
set off 上路,上路;引起,使缔造
set out 陈列,表露;上路,上路;制订
set up 创建,缔造,创建;赞助,培育
show in 领入
show off 显耀,显耀
show up 使揭示,使醒目
shut out 取消
sit in 出席,旁听
sit up 迟睡,熬夜
speed up 使提速
stand out 突出,醒目
stand up 站起来,耐用
step up 提高,加快,加紧
step in 插入,插手
stick out 伸出,突出;保持究竟,继续
take away 取消;消费
take down 记下,写下
take off 拿走,脱下;起飞
take on 揭示;领受,担当,从事
take over 接管,接办
take up 占据;初步;拿起,接收
take up with 和 …… 亲密往来,采纳,赞同,热衷于


1. begin with
2. make a banana milk shake
3. turn on /turn off/ turn up/ turn down
4. cut up = cut --- into pieces
5. a cup of yogurt
6. two teaspoons of honey
7. add--- to—
8. a popcorn popper
9. three sandwiches
10. two slices of bread
11. a recipe for---
12. green onion
13. hang out
14. buy a souvenir
15. buy some gifts
16. go to the aquarium
17. win the prize for the best performer
18. at the end of ---在---的终点
19. in the end= at last= finally
20. sleep late
21. go for a drive
22. class monitor班长
23. on my last day off
24. on your next day off
25. have a yard sale
26. get wet淋湿
27. in future 未来
28. in the future 未来
29. in yesterday’s singing competition
30. be born
31. too--- to –太—以致于不能= so--- that—如此—以致于--
32. play golf
33. start golfing
34. ice skating
35. tour the U.S.
36. take part in
37. because of –
38. major in English and management
39. Tsinghua University
40. learn to play the accordion
41. hum difficult pieces of music 哼唱难度较高的曲子
42. a well-known pianist
43. table tennis
44. grow up
45. computer science
46. computer programmer
47. a professional basketball player
48. take acting/guitar lessons 上扮演/吉他课
49. move to ----
50. somewhere interesting
51. my dream job
52. find a part-time job
53. save money
54. at the same time
55. hold art exhibitions/ have fashion shows
56. travel all over the world
57. make New Year’s resolutions
58. learn to play an instrument
59. become rich and famous
60. do a survey of 就—做调查
61. keep fit =keep healthy =keep in good health=stay healthy
62. find a job as a foreign language teacher
63. exchange student
64. do chores
65. do the dishes
66. do the laundry
67. sweep the floor
68. take out the trash
69. clean the living room
70. make the /one’s bed
71. fold the clothes
72. go to a meeting
73. get a ride 搭车
74. work on 忙于,从事
75. buy drinks and snacks
76. feed my dog
77. borrow ---from---- 从---借
78. lend --- to ---把—借给---
79. agree with sb
80. disagree with sb
81. take (good) care of =look after—well
82. radio station
83. close to
84. have friendly service
85. comfortable seats
86. good quality clothes
87. movie theater = cinema
88. clothing store
89. talent show
90. get together聚在同时
91. brown bread;黑面包
92. Forbidden City故宫
93. not --- at all
94. the capital of --- 的国都
95. Library of Congress国会图书馆
96. the Great Depression大萧索
97. my elder sister我的姐姐
98. ice hockey冰球
99. on the frozen pond在结冰的池塘上
100. table manners 餐桌法度
101. stay still 保持不动
102. my own room
103. in fact
104. pay for 为---付款
105. pay钱for sth =spend 钱on sth =sth cost sb 钱 干----花了某人多少钱
106. go Dutch 一己付一己的帐
107. leave a tip 付小费
108. hot pot 火锅
109. have a try 试一试
110. main course 主食
111. side dish配菜
112. how many/ how much 多少
113. how long/ how often 多长/多久顺次
114. how soon / how far 多久后/多远
115. on you last school trip
116. take photos of me 给我照张相
117. what else = what other things
118. have a good /great time
119. watch a dolphin show
120. take a class
121. go camping
122. That sounds interesting
123. That sounds like a busy day off.
124. at the age of
125. start writing music 初步作曲
126. play for his national team 为国度队踢球
127. the great Brazilian soccer player出色的巴西足球运动员
128. become a movie star 成为电影明星
129. play sports = take exercise 做活动
130. a kind and loving grandma一位慈祥的祖母
131. become a skating champion 成为滑冰冠军
132. spend all his free time度过他的业余日期
133. the first Chinese pianist in the 70-year history of competition to win this prize 在70年竞赛过程中第一位获取此奖的中国钢琴家
134. a five-year-old girl
135. play table tennis
136. play chess
137. play the guitar/ piano/ violin/ accordion
138. most interesting /least interesting最有趣的/最没意思的
139. learn a foreign language
140. make the soccer team 组建足球队
141. get lots of exercise to keep fit
142. interesting places = places of interest名胜
143. talk to/ with 与---- 谈话
144. stay out late
145. take him for a walk
146. play with
147. come over to
148. get back to
149. go on vacation= take a vacation
150. get angry
151. be angry with sb
152. what do you think of ----=What do you think about ---- = How do you like ----?
153. be famous for 因—而闻名
154. be famous as 作为--- 而闻名
155. play a beautiful piano piece演奏了一首优美的钢琴曲
156. some more 此外一些的
157. on the radio = by radio
158. have free time= be free
159. be interested in = have interest in
160. the same as
161. be different from
162. more than =over
163. in common
164. (not) as + 形容词/副词原型 + as
165. be good at =do well in
166. laugh at
167. the opposite of ---
168. primary school
169. swimming pool
170. the day after tomorrow
171. the day before yesterday
172. What a pity!
173. the whole day
174. not --- until----
175. worry about ---=be worried about
176. depend on
177. look at
178. take the boat = go to --- by boat
179. take a shower
180. take the subway
181. walk to--- = go to --- on foot
182. ride a bike
183. fly to ---= go to --- by plane/air
184. bus stop/ station
185. train station
186. leave for---上路去某地
187. rent videos
188. go sightseeing
189. go hiking
190. send for 派人去请
191. eat a balanced diet
192. keep a balance of yin and yang
193. have a toothache
194. have a headache
195. have a stomachache
196. have a cold
197. have a fever
198. have a sore throat
199. have a sore back
200. drink lots of hot tea with honey
201. see the dentist
202. take some medicine
203. be stressed out
204. listen to the music
205. give me some advice给我些创议
206. three day ago
207. of course
208. junk food
209. as for
210. go skateboarding
211. surf the Internet
212. the results of /for --- 的后果
213. eating habits 茶饭习性
214. too much 太多
215. much too太-----
216. at the moment
217. a few
218. in the western countries在西方国度
219. host family
220. go/ be away for too long解脱太长日期
221. the first week in June六月的第一个周
222. something different
223. vacation plans
224. have a relaxing vacation
225. go bike riding 骑自行车旅游
226. get to = arrive at /in = reach
227. have a quick breakfast = have breakfast quickly
228. be ill in hospital得病住院
229. a number of 好多,大量
230. the number of ---- 的数目
231. babysit my sister
232. between --- and ---
233. study for a math test
234. have friends with= make friends with与—交好友




1. a (large) number of 好多
2. a great deal of 许多
3. a great many 许多的,极端多的
4. plenty of 节余,大量
5. be able to do sth. 能够(有实力)做
6. add to 填充
7. be afraid of 胆寒
8. after a (short) while过了一会儿
9. after all 终归,终归
10. again and again 重复地,再三地
11. agree to do sth. 赞同
12. agree on 约定,定夺
13. agree with sb. 赞同某人的意见
14. go ahead (口语,将正说的话或正
15. not… at all (用来加强not的语气)
16. all over 遍地,完结
17. all right 行了,好吧;(病)好了
18. all kinds of 形形色色的
19. all over the country/world
20. all sorts of 形形色色的
21. all the best 万事合意
22. all the year round 一年到头
23. and so on 等等
24. be angry with sb. 生(某人)的气
25. one after another 相继,顺次
26. arrive in/ at 抵达(某地)
27. as…as 像,好像
28. not so… as 不像,不如
29. as a matter of fact 原形上,其实
30. as a result 后果
31. as if/ though 好像
32. as well 也,又
33. as/ so far as (表示程度,范围)就…
尽… 抵达…
34. ask… for 询问,向…要
35. at a time 每次,顺次
36. at breakfast 早餐时
37. at home 在家(里)
38. at last 最后,终于
39. at once 立即,即刻
40. at school 在,在上课
41. at work 在工作
42. at least 至少
43. at one time 先前,已经
44. at present 当前,当前
45. at the bottom 在底部
46. at the end 最后
47. at the latest 最迟,至迟
48. at the most 至多,不超越
49. at the same time 同时
50. be away from 远离…
51. go/ run away 走(跑)开
52. be about to 即刻
53. be anxious about 为…而忧虑
54. be familiar with 对…熟练
55. be famous for 因…而知名
56. be fit for 符合于
57. be fond of 酷爱,酷爱
58. be made from 由…制造
59. be made up of 由…构成
60. be popular with somebody
61. be rich in 在…节余(丰饶)
62. be tired of 厌烦做某事
63. be uncertain about 对….不停定
64. be used to 习性于(be accustomed to)
65. beat to death 打死
66. because of 由于,因为
67. make the bed 收拾床铺
68. before long 不久
69. beg one’s pardon 请原谅
70. begin … with 从…初步
71. belong to 属于
72. best seller 畅销书
73. had better (do) 优良(做)
74. a bit (of) 有一点儿
75. blow away 刮走,吹走
76. body language 身体语言
77. be born 出生(于)
78. both… and 两个都,既…又…
79. a bowl of 一碗
80. break away from 解脱…
81. break out (冲突,火灾等)陡然发
82. break the rule 违抗规定
83. bring down 减低,使倒下
84. bring in 引来,引进,吸收
85. bring on 使向前
86. bring up 教导,栽培
87. burn down 把…烧成平地,烧光
88. burn … to the ground
89. be busy doing sth. 忙于做某事
90. be busy with sth. 忙于(做)某事
91. not only…but also… 不但…而况…
92. by bus/ car/ air/ plane/ train/ ship
93. by accident 偶尔
94. by mistake 弄错地
95. call at (a place) 拜会(某地)
96. call back 回电话
97. call for 提案;号令;必要
98. call in 召来,召集
99. call on 拜会,拜会
100. play cards 打扑克
101. care for 照看,酷爱
102. carry off 携走,夺走
103. carry out 舒展
104. catch cold 着凉,伤风
105. catch up with 赶上(或超越)
106. catch fire 着火
107. shopping centre 购物心脏
108. change into 转换成,把…变成
109. change … for… 用…换…
110. chemical rain 酸雨
111. cigarette end 烟头
112. clean up 收拾,收拾
113. clear away 把…澄清掉
114. clear up 收拾,收拾
115. come back 归来
116. come down 下来
117. cme from 出生(于);来(自)
118. come in 进去,进来
119. come on 跟我来
120. come about 缔造,缔造
121. come across (偶尔)遇见(或发觉)
122. come off 从…解脱,解脱
123. come out 出来,(书等)出版,发行
124. come to 共计,抵达
125. come true 变为的确,成为原形
126. come up 上来,上升,抬头
127. compare… to 与…相比
128. compare with 与…比拟
129. congratulation… on 庆贺…
130. connect to 联结,相连
131. connect with 与…相连
132. consider doing sth. 斟酌做某事
133. consider… as 把…看作
134. cut down 砍倒
135. cut off 切断
136. cut through 剪断,凿穿
137. cut up 奇根割除,切碎
138. depend on 依靠,信任,信任
139. die of 死于
140. die out 幻灭,灭亡
141. divide… into 把…分成
142. date from 始于(某一历史时期)
143. day after day 日复一日的
144. day and night 焚膏继晷的
145. day-time 白天
146. deal with 料理,将就
147. do sb. a favor 帮某人一个忙
148. do well 做得好
149. do wrong 做坏事,犯罪
150. dozens of 几十
151. dream of 做梦,梦见
152. drop in 顺便拜会
153. on duty 值班,值班
154. each other 互相
155. earn one’s living 谋生
156. eat up 吃完,吃光
157. in the end 最后,终于
158. end up 完结,完结
159. enjoy oneself 过得愉快
160. even if 尽管,即使
161. even though 尽管,即使
162. in the evening 在晚上
163. for ever 持久
164. every two years 每两年
165. face to face 面迎面的
166. fall ill 得病
167. fall in love with 爱上…
168. fall off 跌落
169. fall over 跌倒,倒下
170. far away 边远的
171. far from 远离
172. find out 找出
173. fire alarm 火警
174. fire escape 平安梯
175. at first 最初,初步的时候
176. first aid 救助
177. first of all 首先
178. be fond of 酷爱,酷爱
179. play football 踢足球
180. for a while 暂时,一时
181. for ever 持久
182. for free 免费
183. for one thing 首先
184. free of charge 免费
185. make friends with 与…交好友
186. from… to… 从…到
187. from time to time 有时,不停
188. in front of 在…的前面
189. be full of 充满…的
190. have fun with 玩得适意
191. general idea 粗疏
192. generally speaking 平凡说来
193. get along with 与…相处
194. get back 取回
195. get close to 逼近
196. get down to 初步细密(做某事)
197. get in touch with 与…关系/往来
198. get into the habit of 染上…的习性
199. get married 结婚
200. get off 脱下(衣服等)
201. get through 穿越,拨通电话
202. get together 团聚,欢庆
203. give a talk 作报告,讲演
204. give advice to 给某人提创议
205. give back 退还,退回
206. give in 投诚,撤退
207. give up 摈弃
208. go home 回家
209. go to bed 睡觉
210. go to school 去上学
211. go to the classroom 去教室
212. go against 抗议,不有利
213. go ahead 向前,继续用吧
214. go away 走开,解脱
215. go bad (食物)变坏,坏掉
216. go off 走开
217. go on doing… 继续干某事,不停地
218. go on with 继续
219. go up 上升,上升
220. be good at 擅长
221. half an hour 半小时
222. hand in 上交,交进
223. hand out 分发
224. have a good trip 一路顺风
225. have/take a seat 坐下
226. have a talk with 谈话
227. have a test 插手考试
228. have a word with 和…说句话
229. have words with 吵架
230. have sports 进行体育活动
231. have to 不得不,必须
232. have…on 穿着,有事,有约会
233. hear from 收到…的来信
234. hear about 听说
235. help oneself to 自行取用
236. help …out 救助某人处理困难
237. here and there 遍地
238. here you are 给你
239. hold one’s breath 屏息,不出声
240. out of breath上气不接下气
241. hold up 阻挡,使停止
242. do one’s homework 做作业
243. horse race 赛马
244. human right 人权
245. hurry up 连忙!快点!
246. ice cream 冰淇淋
247. in English 用英语
248. in the hat 戴帽子的
249. in (one’s) research for 寻找,谋求
250. in future 从今未来
251. in the future 未来,未来
252. in a hurry 匆匆,很开的
253. in a short while 不久未来
254. in all 总计
255. in common 共同,共用
256. in danger 在风险之中
257. in fact 的确上,原形上
258. modern times 现代
259. in need of 必要
260. in one’s opinion 依照某人的见解
261. in order that 为了
262. in order to 为了
263. in other words 换句话说,也即使说
264. in peace 安详的
265. in place 在稳妥的位置
266. in praise of 称赞,赞叹
267. in public 当众,宣告
268. in silence 静默地,无声地
269. in space 在宇宙空间
270. in the air 在空中
271. in the hope of 怀着…的巴望
272. in the past (在)先前
273. in this way 用这种办法
274. indirect speech 间接引语
275. insist on 保持
276. instead of 轮换
277. ironing board 烫衣板
278. join in 插手,插手
279. join up 团结起来,联结起来
280. just now 刚才
281. keep doing sth. 继续(做某事)
282. keep a record 作记述
283. keep back 留下
284. keep fit 保持康健
285. keep in touch with 与…保持关系
286. keep on 继续
287. a kind of 一种,一类
288. all kinds of 形形色色的
289. knock out of 从…中敲出来
290. be late for (school) (上学)延迟
291. laugh at 耻笑
292. lay the table 陈列餐具(准备吃饭)
293. lead a simple life 过着节约的生活
294. lead to 导致,导向
295. learn by heart 记住,背诵
296. let in 让…进来
297. be like 像
298. listen to 听…(谈话)
299. a little 一点,少量
300. live on 以….为主食,靠…为生
301. no longer 不再
302. long before 久久先前
303. look like 看上去像
304. look for 寻找
305. look up 查找
306. have a look at 看看,看一眼
307. look down upon 看不起,轻蔑
308. look forward to 巴望
309. look out 端庄,端庄
310. look round 细密检讨
311. lose heart 错过勇气(或决计)
312. lose one’s life 死,捐躯
313. lose one’s sight 错过视力
314. lose some weight 减肥,降体重
315. a lot of (lots of) 好多,大量
316. make a decision 做出定夺
317. make a mistake 出差错
318. make a noise =make noises 弄出声
319. make a plan for 为….作计划
320. make a record 录制唱片
321. keep a record 做记述
322. make a speech 讲演
323. make fun of 耻笑某人
324. make progress 获取长进
325. make sure of 评判,确保,证明
326. make up 构成,构成
327. make up one’s mind 定夺
328. make use of 应用
329. make… to one’s own measure
330. what’s the matter with…?
331. take medicine 吃药,服药
332. take a message 捎个口信
333. in the middle of 在…当中
334. more or less 或多或少
335. move on 继续移动
336. very much 很,极端
337. newspaper reporter 新闻记者
338. no doubt 无疑地
339. no more than 不过,仅仅
340. not at all 不用谢,不客气
341. not any more 不再
342. form now on 从此未来,未来
343. now and then 时而,不停
344. a piece of 一块(张、片、支)
345. of one’s own 属于…自己的
346. and so on 等等
347. on average 均匀,按均匀数运算
348. on fire 着火
349. on holiday 休假,度假
350. on one’s own 独立地、自主地
351. over the radio 穿越收音机
352. once upon a time 很早先前,先前
353. one by one 一个接一个,顺次一个
354. one day 有一天,某一天
355. or else 不然,要不然
356. or so 大略
357. out of… 在…外,从…里头
358. out of breath 上气不接下气
359. out of one’s reach 够不着
360. out of work 不曾工作,失业
361. over there 在那边(指较远处)
362. over and over again
363. a pair of 一对,一副
364. a suit of 一套
365. take part in 插手
366. pay for (sth.) 付钱,支付,交出代价
367. pay a visit 进行拜会
368. pay attention to 留神,留神
369. pay back 偿还(借款等)
370. pick up 拾起,捡起
371. take a picture 照相
372. play a part in 在…方面起作用
373. play a trick on 戏弄
374. play the piano 弹钢琴
375. plenty of 节余,大量
376. point out 指出
377. point to 指向
378. prevent … from… 阻碍,禁止,提防
379. push over 推倒,(风)刮倒
380. put on 穿,戴上,上演
381. put sth. down 把…放下来
382. put up 挂起,举起
383. put down =write down 记下
384. put on weight 填充体重
385. put out 扑灭,熄灭
386. put…into prison 把…投身监狱
387. be/get ready for 为…准备好
388. refer to 谈到,提到,关系
389. ring up 打电话给
390. ring back 回电话
391. ring off 挂断电话,停止谈话
392. run out of 用完
393. rush hour
394. scores of 好多,大量
395. see…off 为某人送行
396. send for 派人去请
397. send out 宣告,派遣
398. sentence… to death 论处死刑
399. set someone free 开释(某人)
400. set an example 为…创建标兵
401. set fire to 点火,放火
402. set off 上路,上路
403. set up 缔造,创建
404. set… free 开释
405. shout at 对…厉声呐喊
406. show ..out 领…出去
407. by the side of 在…旁边
408. side by side 肩并肩地,同时
409. sit down 坐下
410. go skating 去溜冰
411. go to sleep 入梦,睡着
412. so as to 以便,为的是
413. so that 以便,为了,后果是
414. so/as far as (表示程度、范围)
415. as soon as 一…就
416. sooner or later 迟早
417. spare time 空余日期,业余日期
418. speed up 加飞速度
419. spend …doing sth
420. spend … on 消费(钱)于…
421. stand for 代表,象征
422. stare at 凝望
423. start doing with 初步做…
424. stay in bed 呆在床上,卧床歇息
425. stay up 挺住,站立,不睡觉,熬夜
426. stick to 保持
427. stop sb. from doing sth.
428. struggle against 同…做冲突
429. struggle to one’s feet 挣扎着站起来
430. such as 例如
431. suffer from 受…苦楚
432. take a walk 漫步
433. take away 拿走
434. take out 取出
435. take down (off) 取下 (脱衣服)
436. take a train (boat, bus …)
437. take a look at 看
438. take a photograph 照相
439. take a taxi 坐出租汽车
440. take along 随身带着
441. take it easy 省心好了,别焦急
442. take part in 插手,插手
443. take place 缔造
444. take sides in 站在…一边
445. take the place of =replace 轮换,轮换,轮换
446. take up 占去,占据(日期,地位等)
447. talk of 谈论,谈论
448. tell a lie 说谎
449. thanks to 由于,幸好
450. that’s all right 不用谢
451. the fire alarm 火警
452. the more… the more… 越…越…
453. the other day 几天前
454. think about 斟酌
455. think of 觉得,见解
456. throw at 向…扔去
457. throw away 扔掉
458. throw up 吐出(食物),呕吐
459. all the time 一直,一直
460. on time 准时
461. time and time again 一再,多次
462. to one’s joy 令人愉快的是
463. to one’s surprise 令人惊诧的是
464. too…to 太…以致不能
465. translate …into 把…译成…
466. try on 试穿,试试看
467. try one’s best 竭尽全力
468. it’s your turn now 当前轮到你了
469. turn on 敞开(电视等)
470. turn down 关小,调低
471. turn off 关(水源,煤气、电灯等)
472. turn over 翻动,犁翻
473. turn up 揭示
474. turn …into 把…变成
475. up and down 上上下下
476. used to 先前常常
477. wait for 期待,期待
478. wake up 醒来
479. wash away 冲走,冲垮
480. this way, please 请走这边
481. by the way 顺便说
482. on the/one’s way 在途中,在路上
483. on weekend 在周末
484. wish …every success 祝…万事胜利
485. work out 算出,处理
486. worry about 担心,苦恼
487. write down 写下,记下
488. write to… 写信给…
489. year after year 年复一年
490. year by year 年年,每年






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